About KJB Theaters


KJB Theaters is owned and operated by Terre Haute, Indiana native and 20 year theater veteran Brent Barnhart, and was established in December 2011. KJB Theaters has since grown to now include three theaters in Indiana and Illinois. His first theater,  "The Paris Theater", is a two screen movie theater located in Paris, IL that reopened December 12, 2011 to lots of fanfare. His second theater, "The Indiana Theater", is located in Washington,  Indiana and is a newly renovated two screen movie theater that reopened November 6, 2014. "Linton Cinemas" is a two screen theater located in Linton, Indiana that opened in March of 2015.


KJB Theaters operate as "First Run" movie theaters, meaning they receive movies on the national release date. All films are presented in All Digital Projection &  5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Both theaters are known for being very family friendly with unbeatable admission and concessions prices. Every summer KJB Theaters puts on its Annual FREE Summer Kids' Films, a ten week series of family friendly films. Due to generous local businesses, admission is free for everyone!  This event has drawn between 6,000 & 7,000 patrons every summer in Paris alone!


KJB Theaters is known for its smiling, friendly staff and affordable prices. For additional information, please check out continue to the Paris Theatre, Linton Cinemas, or Indiana Theater sites. Also, feel free to like us on Facebook for more information! To apply for a job at KJB Theaters click HERE.


KJB Theaters is named after the owners son Kyle J. Barnhart.




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